HISTORY: A designer’s journey, then to now.
Jay Daniel Design Inc. is the creative collaboration of Jay Cudzilo and Daniel Fallon; designers who attended the Rochester Institute of Technology, where they met as Industrial Design students in 1998.  After graduation in 2002, Jay began working for world-renowned artist and furniture artisan Wendell Castle at his production furniture company Icon Design & The Wendell Castle Collection.  Two years later Daniel joined the team at Icon Design and the two began designing for the continued expansion of the Wendell Castle Collection.  Over the next several years, Jay successfully launched original designs for the collection and winning the 2009 ADEX Platinum award as well as honorable mention for Interior Design’s Best of Year 2008 for residential storage.  Daniel was instrumental in the development of design aesthetics for many projects and custom client requests.  As designers, collaborators, and friends, Jay and Daniel knew they could bring a fresh new approach to fine American furniture; one based on design integrity, uncompromising quality, and personalized customer service.
VISION: An American Company, delivering superior American Quality.
Jay Daniel Design is a forward thinking collection of American made furniture.  The Jay Daniel Design company represents sophisticated elegance with each new design, appropriate for any beautiful interior.  While the designs are unique, the craftsmanship is time tested and executed by the highest skilled furniture artisans.  Materials, construction, hardware and finish are of the utmost in quality.  All work is done locally, allowing the partners to personally oversee each project, from order entry, to final inspection.  When a product leaves our facility for delivery it has been personally inspected by either Jay or Daniel to insure their high quality standards have been met.  Jay Daniel Design believes that to be the best, you must provide the best in every aspect of your business.   Working closely with local artisans ranging across all aspects of furniture production and manufacturing, Jay Daniel Design delivers the very best in materials and quality craftsmanship. 
Is there such a thing as a sustainable piece of furniture?  In a word: No.  We don’t have any.  Neither for that matter, does anyone else.  What we have are woods, metals, fabrication techniques and business policies with superior sustainability characteristics.  And in our efforts to balance beauty, performance and sustainability, our methods get high marks.  That said we still have a long way to go.  We believe that sustainable furniture is furniture that leaves the least impact throughout its lifespan – from creation, through its long life and once it reaches its usable life’s end.   There are several elements to consider when looking at sustainability as it relates to furniture, from embedded energy to carbon footprint, waste created, transportation and end of life strategies.  Just when we think we know what we’re talking about with regard to furniture sustainability, the landscape changes.  The process of creating furniture that causes less harm and meets our high standard is always evolving.  Please check back often as we continue to examine our decisions around what we create and how, evaluate new options, and evolve our practices in ways that can further our efforts to reduce the impact of our products and our business.